Consulting cost

TOK INVEST’s expert advice begins with the selection of highly interesting advertisements found within thousands of tenders and is concluded with assistance in preparing the bid, and, if requested, aiding during the public meeting.

This activity is comprised of a network of professionals who put their abilities at the client’s disposal for solving the various critical aspects of enforcement procedures.

In the face of our numerous services we’ve decided to work alongside the client all the way up to the procedural results, foreseeing a commissioning process equivalent to that of a “success fee”:

  • the counselling and success fee are commensurate to a flat rate at base bid price not at hammer price, so as to reduce the burden of such a cost;
  • in the case of failure to award the bid, the success fee will not be owed, seeing as the service is focused on obtaining such bid at the convened price;
  • the client is always free to decide whether or not to take part in the bidding without any obligation, even partial, of success fee reimbursement;
  • the consultation dictates a prior shared agreement with a forecast of a minimum amount to cover expenses which will then be detracted from the success fee in case of acquisition.

We’re certain these conditions can be considered as an “awarded or no fee” clause, as a further demonstration of our consent to share the client’s success.

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